Gain CO2 ownership planting in Denmark

The goal of our new concept is to provide an attractive subsidy for private Danish landowners' establishment of new climate forests, while making it possible for companies, foundations, and others to own the carbon absorbed by the trees they donate.

Climate forest is an alternative to buying CO2 quotas. Here you can actively do something that demonstrably makes a difference in our common fight against climate change.

What is a climate forest?
Climate forest is a forest where the focus is on planting tree species that absorbs a lot of CO2 and which on average bind a minimum of 1,400 tons of CO2 per hectare over 100 years. In comparison, a traditional Danish deciduous forest binds approx. 1,200 ton of CO2 per hectare over the same period. If the land is above groundwater reservoirs, the forest, sustainably managed, will help to ensure clean drinking water for future generations. In addition, the climate forest enhances biodiversity and creates new habitats for animals.

Price per tree: DKK 25 (3.40€)

Climate forests are from 1.5 hectare (6,000 trees) and up. As a company you can choose to donate trees to a part of a forest or to an entire forest.

 Why this solution?

  • You do not have to do anything other than donate the trees according to the CO2 consumption you want to offset.
  • High security - see next section.
  • You avoid having to acquire land for up to DKK 180,000 per hectare.
  • We have created a "CO2 to afforestation" calculator, from which you can see exactly see how many trees you need to plant to reduce a specific CO2 consumption.

A contract is entered with the individual landowner, in which he waives the right to dispose of the CO2 that the trees help to bind. The contract further stipulates:

  • The climate forest is granted status as permanent and must be managed sustainably in accordance with the principles of the Danish Forest Act.
  • The landowner is obliged to fence for maximum protection.
  • The first 2 years the forest is cleaned for optimal growth conditions.
  • The landowner must take out fire insurance.
  • The ownership of the CO2 is irrevocable throughout the life of the company.

The forests are designed and established by our partner Naturplant who has many years of experience in helping private landowners realize their forest dreams.

Need for specific measurement
For advice on establishing the climate forests, we collaborate with Palle Madsen, Senior Researcher PhD and co-author of the book "Klimaskoven".

If there is a need for an accurate measurement of CO2 absorbed at one or more specific times, this cost is covered by the company / tree sponsor.

We have partners who can handle the task and give an offer.

See example of Climate Forest Certificate here

Read about how the company Mekoprint combines their climate efforts with trees donated to Climate Forests in Denmark and to Balsa Forests in Ecuador here

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