Community Memorial Forests


Growing Trees latest afforestation initiative was launched on May 22nd 2020:

Establishing a minimum of two Community Memorial Forests in Denmark dedicated to honor and appreciate all those who have made an extraordinary effort or sacrifice to combat the COVID-19 virus.

Chairman of Growing Trees Network Foundation, Lars Heiselberg Vang Jensen:

"With this we also send out an invitation internationally to other organizations to initiate something similar. In many developing countries access to food sources is becoming an even bigger problem. We hope that when other treeplanting organizations adopt the idea they will have focus on planting fruit and nut trees to help the locals become self-sufficient and better equipped to cope on a daily basis with similar crisis in the future."

Growing Trees offers tree sponsors to donate to Community Food-Forests in Ghana.

Euronews, video (00.20 seconds inn) - Memorial Forests
BBC World News Service, Radio - Interview about the Community Forests
Press release - Community Forests

The Community Memorial Forests in Denmark shall be living monuments acknowledging the united effort in Denmark and worldwide to cope with the COVID-19 virus. From closed businesses, deep-felt deprivation, the distance to other people, parents teaching at home to everything we can thank each other for is what these new Community Memorial Forests are all about. From our daily work we also know that it means a lot to many people that they can plant a tree in the loving memory of a dear one passed away. Through the Community Forests it is possible for everyone to honor the huge societal effort by planting trees.

To honor and acknowledge the global effort we hereby invite citizens, foundations and companies to donate trees for these new 2 - 4 Community memorial Forests. The new Community Memorial Forests are expected to be established in Jutland and on Zealand and hopefully a couple of places more in the autumn of this year or the spring of 2021. Dates will be announced here.

Private citizens can donate to the Community Memorial Forests here

Companies and foundations can donate by contacting us here