New Forests & Biodiversity Forests on private land in Denmark

New Forests and Biodiversity Forests planted on private land are designed and established in collaboration with our
partner who has many years of experience in helping private landowners realize their forest dreams.

Establishment of the forests
Trees bind CO2 from the air and store it in the wood, which is only released again when trees are burned or decomposed. By planting new forests, a much larger part of the atmosphere's CO2 is stored, thus counteracting global warming.

New Forests and Biodiversity Forests are established with trees donated by citizens, companies, organizations, foundations etc.

The donations finance:

  • Preparation of soil
  • Purchase of plants (approx. 4,000 trees per hectare)
  • 2 years of establishment care with a guarantee, that trees that do not survive the first 2 years will be replaced with new ones.
  • The New Forests are subject to a peace forest obligation that secures these in the future in accordance with the Forest Act.

About New Forests
New Forests contributes to:

  • CO2 storage and counteracting global warming.
  • Ensuring clean drinking water when planted over important groundwater reservoirs.
  • More nature and increased biodiversity.
  • Creation of new recreational areas.

Price per. tree donated to a New Forest or Biodiversity Forest on private land: DKK 19.00 incl. VAT (2.55€)

About Biodiversity Forests
More than half of Danish plant and animal species are associated with the forest, which includes many endangered animal species. Forests with different tree species and with both young, old and dead trees provide fertile ground for the greatest possible variation in plant and animal life and thus the highest biodiversity.

The forest type mixtures we use in planting Biodiversity Forests are 100% native species, where we focus on:

  • In the design phase, to look at the surroundings and possibly utilize natural overgrowth of self-sown trees.
  • If possible, apply reduced tillage in the culture phase.
  • The possibility of integrating open nature, lakes and the like.
  • Planting of the species that are already in the area, so animal and plant life naturally spreads into the new area.
  • Including the landowner’s choice of how large an area is desired for self-sown trees.

You can donate to a New Forest or Biodiversity Forest
Our partner is responsible for the planning and construction of a New Forest or Biodiversity Forest planted on private land. After the 2 years of establishment care, the landowner is responsible for the future care.

See example of Forest Certificate here

See example of Biodiversity Forest Certificate here