Here you can see which of our products are typically used by our company sponsors to support a sustainable future.

Plant one tree per product you sell

This is the classical approach which is easy to communicate.. Whether you donate per customer or a percentage of your turnover, your customers will experience that when they buy your product they are actually doing something to support our common sustainable future.

Case examples:
Tommerup Heilskov
MCZ Norden

Plant one tree per employee

This approach provides a close bond between the trees your plant in the forests and your employees.

Case examples:

Plant trees to reduce CO2

This opportunity is especially suitable for those concerned about global warming and wish to minimize their carbon footprint. If you want to make an impact in the short term, we recommend that you plant 20-50 trees per ton.

Case examples:
Arcane Tinmen
Kipling Travel

Plant trees to protect ground water

In Denmark we are privileged to have clean unfiltered drinking water, but our ground water reservoirs are threatened by pesticides. The focus of this product signals that you are concerned about future generations access to clean drinking water.

Plant trees at events

This is a way to activate and connect with customers and business relations through event based donations. Planting trees together provides a strong feeling of cohesion focusing on doing something positive and very visible to secure our common future.

Pluskontor Arkitekterne
Arnold Busck

Plant tree per customer

If you have a lot of customers or an increasing number of customers, this is an obvious opportunity to connect this increase in your customer base to the ingenious of the trees - their ability to soak out CO2 from the atmosphere.

If you have a few but loyal number of customers you can also choose to transform them into a fixed monthly donation.

Case examples: