Terms of trade

The following sales and delivery conditions apply to all deliveries from Growing Trees Network Foundation S / I

The conditions apply in the event that no other written agreements have been entered into between you as the buyer and Growing Trees Network Foundation S / I.

Shop name: Growing Trees Network Foundation's webshop
Shop owner: Growing Trees Network Foundation S / I
Address: Norddigesvej 2, 1.th.
Postnr./By: 8240 Risskov

CVR / SE No .: 37360791
Establishment year: 2016

Lars Heiselberg Vang Jensen, telephone: +45 4015 3594
Email: lars@growingtrees.dk
Kim Nielsen, phone: +45 3113 0103
Email: kim@growingtrees.dk

About Growing Trees Network Foundation S / I
The Growing Trees Network Foundation is a self-governing institution whose overall purpose is:

Establishing new public forests on municipal, state or church land in Denmark and abroad to protect groundwater resources, create new habitats for animals and plants, new recreational areas and CO2 reduction, including:
• Establishing forests on land owned by companies, organizations and privates with public access, and where future maintenance is ensured through agreement with the municipality, state or third party.
• Establishing new forests on land owned by privates, municipalities, churches and The Danish state to make Denmark greener.

• Forest deforestation outside Denmark, primarily in tropical and subtropical countries - either through own afforestation projects or in collaboration with other afforestation organizations / NGOs.

In this shop you can pay with:
• MobilePay (Danish Citizens only)
• Dankort, Visa, VISA electron, Mastercard, Eurocard, JCB, Diners / Discover
Danish Citizens can get tax deduction on amounts up to DKK 17,200 (2022) by entering their CPR in the order process

Pricing policy
The price of a tree is DKK 16 (from the first of July 2022 the price will be DKK 18) , of which the project owner receives 80% to establish the forest himself or by hiring a contractor.

Receipt and Forest certificate
Immediately after you complete your purchase, you will receive a receipt by email. This e-mail contains a link to your Forest certificate. The amount you bought trees for is then deducted from your account.

The price
All donations received through the Growing Trees network Foundation are VAT exempt.

Once registration has been confirmed it is considered delivered as well.

Any complaint must be directed to the Growing Trees Network Foundation.
For questions about your purchase, contact us at kim@growingtrees.dk.

Reservations are made for typing / typing errors.

Right of withdrawal
14 days. If you have complaints or questions write to kim@growingtrees.dk