Number of trees planted by Nordic Oil customers: 3.500

At Nordic, we’re helping the planet to breathe out.

Nordic Oil and Cosmetics pride themselves on working towards being sustainable organisations. We’re committed to doing our bit to help the environment, so in honor of Earth Day on April 22nd, we’ll be planting one tree for every order placed during the week of April 19th-25th.

Our products take the very best nature has to offer, and use industry-leading technology to transform them into the premium CBD products our customers know and love. Our connection with the natural environment runs deep, which is why, this Earth Day, we want to go above and beyond to give our planet a helping hand, by helping it to breathe out.

This destroys ecosystems, accelerates global warming and damages the air. By buying with Nordic this week, you’re helping to do your bit to combat deforestation and the egregious effects it has on our planet.

And it’s not only the planet that needs help to breathe. These days, we’re all suffering from more stress and anxiety than ever before. With the pressures of working remotely, homeschooling the kids, keeping ourselves and our loved ones healthy, and finding time to maintain social relationships, we all need to take time to breathe out and relax.

So, this Earth Day, join Nordic and help yourself and the planet to breathe out. Keep checking back to this page to follow our progress this week!

Your trees will be planted in Vendelholm Folkeskov located north-west of Copenhagen near the city of Hillerød, see map here

Growing Trees Network Global

About Growing Trees Network Global

Growing Trees Network Global ApS was started in 2012 by Lars Heiselberg Vang Jensen and Kim Nielsen with a vision of making it possible for anybody to donate to afforestation projects in Denmark and abroad.

New forests are not only good for the climate. Planted above groundwater, they help ensure our clean drinking water, reduce CO2, create more habitats for our plants and wildlife, and not least new areas for outdoor life.
The values ​​behind our concept are that everyone can contribute, everyone can help make a difference and everyone should have a good experience. It's about creating value for people, animals and nature all together.

Concept model:
Price per tree: DKK 12.00 + VAT of which 80% is forwarded to the project owner at either the church, municipality or the Danish Nature Agency.

The contribution from Growing Trees Network Global ApS finance:

  • Preparation of land and forest plantations (approximately 4,000 trees per hectare)
  • Purchase and planting of trees
  • 2 years of maintenance with a guarantee that trees that do not survive the first three years of life are replaced by new ones.

After establishment, the forests are protected for future generations in accordance with the Danish Forest Act. The municipality / the Danish Nature Agency is responsible for planning and establishing the forest and future maintenance.

Non-profit organization
Growing Trees Network Global ApS is a non-profit organization whose overall purpose is the following:

Afforestation projects on municipal, state or church owned land in Denmark and abroad to ensure groundwater resources, climate protection and CO2 reduction, including:

  • Afforestation projects on land owned by companies, organizations and individuals with public access and where future maintenance is ensured through agreements with the municipality, the state or a private contractor.
  • Afforestation projects on municipal or state owned land for a greener Denmark, climate protection and carbon dioxide reduction.
  • Provide financial support for acquisitions of land in areas with special drinking water interests for faster establishment of protective forests.
  • Afforestation projects outside of Denmark, mainly in tropical and subtropical countries - either through projects directly managed us or in collaboration with other forest organizations / non-governmental organizations.