Sunset Boulevard donate per children menu they sell in all of their restaurants to reduce their climate impact.

Trees donated in total: 274,480



As of September 30th 2020 Sunset Boulevard decided to completely remove plastic gadgets and toys from their children’s menus. As the first of the major fast-food chains in Denmark, Sunset Boulevard is saying goodbye to tradition. Instead, Sunset Boulevard will donate trees for new forests, which future generations will benefit from.

The fast-food industry is often referred to as one of the largest distributors of toys worldwide. Common to the toy that is handed out with the children's menus is that it rarely lasts very long and ends up in the rubbish bin after a very short time.

“As one of Denmark's largest fast-food chains, we feel that we have a responsibility for the planet we leave behind. And although the children are happy with the toys, it is also for the most part some completely unnecessary cardboard and plastic. That is why the last pieces of toy have been passed over the counter in Sunset Boulevard”, says Jens Broch, CEO of Sunset Boulevard.

Instead, Sunset Boulevard's guests will in future contribute to the establishment of new forests when purchasing a children's menu in the restaurants.

“We have planted 150.000 trees in several afforestation projects across Denmark corresponding to approx. 65 football fields. And while it may not be the same as getting another toy, we hope it can help make a small difference to the community we are a part of. Who knows, maybe one day we can inspire other players in the industry to follow”, says Jens Broch. The trees are being planted in collaboration with Growing Trees Network, and the partnership continues in 2022 so even more trees will be planted all over the country.

Since 2018, Sunset Boulevard has worked to strengthen sustainability and reduce the restaurant chain's footprint step by step. Among other things, this has meant a farewell to plastic straws and disposable cups for sodas, plastic lids, plastic salad trays and a sharp reduction in packaging when guests enjoy their meal in the restaurants.


13.713 trees


14,568 trees


246,209 trees