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About the TV2 telethon 'Denmark Plant Trees' 2019 (in Danish)

TV2 - The planting of one million trees has begun
TV2 - Denmark plant (at least) 1,000,001 træer
TV2 - Anonymous man donates 1.7 mill. DDK for Denmark Plant Trees
TV2 Nord - Frej clime hills to collect money for nature
TV2 Østjylland - Denmark Plant Trees
TV2 Nord - Community forest for Northern Jutland
TV2 Fyn - Kauslunde got a new Community forest
TV2 Østjylland - Children is planting trees for the environment
TV2 Lorry - Children in Ballerup are planting trees
TV2 Syd - One million trees to be planted i Community Forests

Forests planted following 'Denmark plant trees' (in Danish):

TV2 Øst - The Community Forest in Tappernøje is expanded
TV Midt Vest - Snedsted plant trees
Naturstyrelsen - Tree from Telethon to be planted
Sjællandske Medier - TV2 weather host participating when trees are planted
Hillerød Posten - Plant trees in Skævinge Community Forest
TV2 Lorry - From field to Community Forest (4 min. 45 sec. into the TV spot)
TV2 Lorry - Here a gold plowing field is turned into a Community Forest
TV Fyn - School kids plant 2500 trees
Skive Municipality - Local school pupils plant the first trees in forest
TV Syd - Children planting trees (1 min. and 20 sec. into the TV spot)
TV Syd - Many new Community Forests coming following the Telethon
TV Syd - 5 year old Malthe is looking forward to the new Community Forest
TV Syd - Long wanted Community Forest becomes a reality
TV Syd - First trees planted in new Community Forest

For interview and statements please contact:
Chairman Lars Heiselberg Vang Jensen: +45 40 15 35 94

CEO Kim Nielsen: +45 31 13 01 03

Examples of Danish TV spots about forests planted in Denmark