Danish Climate Telethon 2019

We were the proud partner of the worlds first climate telethon 'Denmark plants trees' on September 14th 2019. A telethon brought by TV2 and The Danish society of Nature Conservation.

The telethon 'Denmark plants trees' received donations from Danish citizens, associations, foundations and companies. The funds raised made it possible to plant 1,081,425 trees in 48 new forests around Denmark.

Furthermore a share of the funds raised were used by 'Den Danske Naturfond' (The Danish Nature Fund) and WWF to preserve existing forests threatened by deforestation in Denmark and Uganda.

Due to our collaboration with churches, municipalities and The Danish Nature Agency providing the land, Growing Trees Network was in charge of establishing the 46 new forests in Denmark.

The climate telethon gets international attention and recognition:

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BBC World News: Denmark Tree Planting - Telethon raises over $2M
(1 minute and 4 seconds into the broadcast)

BBC World Radio - Denmark Telethon Event:

'Denmark plants trees' for new forests in Denmark

September 16th 2019

Dear Denmark

From us, Growing Trees Network Foundation, a sincere and humble THANK YOU for your donations to the telethon 'Denmark plants trees' presented by TV2 and The Danish society for Nature Conservation. Your generosity and enthusiasm now leads to 47 new forests in Denmark, along with preservation of existing forests in Denmark and in Uganda threatened by deforestation. Well done! By planting more than 914.000 trees you have really made a difference and not only in Denmark. Now that the news about the telethon have spread globally you are inspiring other countries and cultures to do something similar.

Acquiring the land equals approximately 75% of the total cost of establishing a new forest. Therefore a huge THANK YOU to churches, municipalities and The Danish Nature Agency for providing the land that makes it possible to establish new forests following the telethon 'Denmark plants trees'.

Opening events
We look forward to start the work of establishing all the forests together with the project owners. We will on the website Denmark plant trees, our Facebook and in our newsletters keep you informed when you can participate in the opening events of the new forests.

Once again we thank you for your generous donations - we look forward to establish the new forests around Denmark together with you!

From the bottom of our hearts
Growing Trees Network Foundation