Company sponsor - this is what you get

  • Simple and implementable solution that supports your tree planting initiative.
  • Exposure and branding of your initiatives via our platform.
  • Inspiration for the involvement of customers, suppliers, partners and employees in actions, activities, and planting events.
  • Possibility of dedicated donation page or unique MobilePay number (in DK only).
  • Possibility of donation to forest projects with and without CO2 ownership in Denmark and abroad.
  • Danish business partners with local representation on forest projects abroad.
  • Flexibility and curiosity in relation to your wishes and needs.
  • Continuous updating of your afforestation certificate and our partner overview, so that you can document at any time how many trees you have donated in total and to which afforestation projects.
  • Editable afforestation certificate, which can be issued personally to new employees, customers etc. and on special occasions.
    See example here
  • For ongoing donations, a reminder is sent up to the next settlement.
  • No binding donation agreements!
    You donate the number of trees that suit you, for as long as you wish.


Exposure and branding

All donations

  • All donations come with a certificate showing your logo.
  • Possibility to integrate tree planting into your products/services involving your customers, employees, suppliers and partners.
    Find inspiration here

For ongoing (100 trees) / one-off (200 trees)

  • Access to use of our logo.*
  • Listing on our partner page with a link to your website.
  • Possibility of mentioning your green measures on our SoMe; LinkedIn and Facebook.


If larger donations, the possibility of

  • Case on our website.
  • Joint press release via Ritzau (in Denmark only)
  • Dedicated donation page or MobilePay number, for the personal donation option for your employees, customers and business partners.

Overview and options


  • Denmark
  • Ecuador
  • Bolivia
  • Kenya
  • Uganda

Type of land owners

  • The Danish Nature Agency
  • Municipalities
  • Churches
  • Private landowners
  • Local villages abroad

Type of donations

  • One-time donations
  • Ongoing donations
    Minimum of 100 trees at start-up, after which an optional number of trees is donated in a frequency suiting your needs.

Forest projects

  • Community forest
  • Biodiversity forest
  • Climate forest with CO2 ownership
  • Biodiversity forest with CO2 ownership
  • Of different types abroad
    Read about our afforestation projects here

Size of donation

  • Donate trees to part of a forest
  • Donate all the trees to a forest
  • Purchase of land and planting an entire forest


  • CO2 reduction
  • Protection of our clean drinking water
  • New recreational areas
  • More habitats for animals and plants
  • Increased biodiversity
  • Living conditions of indigenous people abroad

Forest events

When new afforestation projects in Denmark are finalized, an event is held in collaboration with our partners where those present can take part in a celebration of the new forest. Typically inaugurated with a few speeches, a joint forest song and subsequent hand-planting of trees. Plant sticks can be decorated and placed next to the trees planted by the participants. Planting seasons are in spring and autumn.

An event overview (in Danish) is continuously updated here

  • At inaugurations of new forests on public land, everyone can participate. Here, the company's employees, customers and business partners can be invited to a festive and popular event.
  • When planting a forest to which one company has donated all the trees, an inauguration can be held specifically for the company's business partners, employees, families, etc.


Where our logo is used, the support share must be stated. For example: x trees are donated, or x trees per DKK are donated per unit sold - this to ensure the transparency of the ongoing donation. Together with the issued certificate, showing the date and number of trees donated, the logo can be used to profile the company's effort.

The logo can be used for up to 1 year after the last donation - thereafter the certificate is documentation for the previous donations. Regardless of the time that passes between donations, they are always added to the total number of trees donated by the company over time and will appear in the certificate.