Company Sponsors

See how other companies have chosen to support our effort to secure ground water and reduce global warming.

11,741 trees

18,842 trees

107,560 trees

28,292 trees

30,250 trees

46,450 trees

60,660 trees

23,100 trees

51,137 trees

42,054 trees

367,625 trees

13.713 trees

20,768 trees

273,861 trees

18,032 trees

342,326 trees

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Co-creation Partners 

These wonderful partners are helping us by putting forward their professional skills free of charge
because they share our common mission to p
rotect the ground water and reduce global warming.

Public Afforestation Partner in Denmark

These partners makes it possible to establish and maintain new forests for protecting vital ground
water reservoirs, reduce CO2 and to create new recreational areas, and increase biodiversity.